Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fun days in the sun!

Wow it's hot. We keep cool with air conditioning (thank God) and Cameron enjoys his baby pool. Here are some pictures of him having fun. Both of his front bottom teeth have broken through. He is sitting up really well now and we keep finding him having rolled over in bed onto his tummy. He's doing a lot of talking lately and loves to interact with people, other babies and his cat, Harry. Harry has been very patient in putting up with Cameron's interest in him. On Sunday Cameron met his Great Great Aunt Nanny and Uncle Art and their daughter, Lori. Later we went to a party in honor of Hil and Joe's new baby Isabelle. She is really cute. We are looking forward to enjoying our last two Mom's Groups with Hil and Bella before we graduate. It will be a sad day when we have to say goodbye to Mary and the other moms.......until the next baby........

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